Desk Appearance Tickets commonly referred to as DATs

Desk Appearance Tickets commonly referred to as DATs

Desk Appearance Tickets are Criminal Cases that can result in permanent criminal records. These criminal records can get you fired or make it hard to find work. Licensed professionals are especially at risk. Law students, medical students, and other licensed professionals need to know their rights, they should consult and experienced attorney before taking any criminal plea. I have handled thousands of these cases.

Criminal convictions can also create other collateral consequences including problems with immigration, deportation, or denial of your immigration application. Whether you are a citizen, permanent resident, visa holder, and especially if you are undocumented, a criminal defense lawyer can help you if you have been issued a summons.

In many cases, you may not even need to appear personally. This means that you can avoid the long lines, the metal detector, and the long court lines. You can go to work, I will appear on your behalf. You will obtain top level representation, I have handled literally thousands of these cases.

If you received a DAT you were held in custody at the precinct for hours. You have been through a lot. A DAT is definitely preferable to being held in custody over night* but it is still a humiliating ordeal. Call me and know your rights before you appear in court.

Don’t waste your time appearing on your summons or desk appearance tickets.  In most cases, I can appear on your behalf. You can go to work and avoid the line and the waiting for hours in court. I have handled thousands of these cases and I know how to get most of your cases dismissed. There are less and less cases in NYC and therefore the police and prosecutors have more time to spend on the cases they do have. Reasonable fees.